How do I get Records if I do not live in the US?

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We do not offer international shipping for Printed Records. We currently only ship anywhere in the United States.

Parents living outside the United States can still obtain copies of their Talking Parents Records as a PDF file. All Records, including PDF Records, include a digital signature and a unique 16-character Authentication Code. This signature verifies that the record came from us and that it has not been digitally modified in any way.

Our Records are generally admissible in court in the same way as emails, texts, and other written or electronic communications are. However, different jurisdictions and courts have different rules regarding the admissibility and use of such documents. If you have specific questions about how the courts in your area may treat a TalkingParents Record or how to use it in a court proceeding, we recommend that you consult with an attorney who can provide legal advice.

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