What can I do if someone else has access to my account?

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If you believe someone gained unauthorized access to your account and posted a message impersonating you, we recommend the following:

  • Change the password for the email associated with your TalkingParents account if you think that the person gained access to your email and reset the TalkingParents password.
  • Change the password for your TalkingParents account.
  • Change the email address associated with your TalkingParents account if you think the person knows your email address and may continue to try and gain access to your account using your email. Please contact us if you cannot sign in to your TalkingParents account to change your email address.
  • Identify any fraudulent messages and post a new message under them explaining the message is fraudulent so that you have some documentation on your Messaging Record.
  • Contact an attorney and inform them of the situation.

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