Why can't I access any attachments prior to August 2016?

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Before August 1, 2016, when an attachment download link expired after 14 days, the attached file was no longer available on our servers. That is true even for upgraded members, and we cannot recover attachments labeled as “expired.”

Attachments uploaded since August 1, 2016, are now in an Archived state on our servers and can be recovered anytime by upgrading to a Standard or Premium Plan.

New attachments are not archived for upgraded members so long as their account remains in an upgraded status.

If you need to recover an Expired document (attached before August 1, 2016), you have a few options:

  • Double-check your device’s temporary internet files and the download record on your browser to see if a copy of the file remains on your device.
  • If you previously viewed the file using a particular program, then you may want to try checking the recently opened files in that program.
  • If neither of those options works, we recommend you create a new message and ask your co-parent to upload the file again if they have it.

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