Why can't I open an attachment that my co-parent sent me?

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If you can download the file to your device but cannot open it, it may be a problem with your device or the file itself.

Follow these instructions to test the problem:

  1. Check to be sure your device is saving the file with the correct file type or extension (.jpg, .docx, .pdf, etc.).
  2. Sometimes, devices will save files with an incorrect or incomplete file extension making it impossible to view.
  3. If the file extension is correct, open the file with a different program or app on your device.
  4. If you do not have the right program or app available, try viewing the file with a different device or computer.
  5. If you are currently using our app to download the file, try using a web browser by logging into your account at TalkingParents.com
  6. You can also ask your co-parent to try saving the file in a different format and then have them re-attach it to the conversation. 

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