Can I add a third-party to my account?

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Currently, all TalkingParents accounts are limited to just two members.


Parents are welcome to create as many TalkingParents accounts as they need to be matched with different members. Please note, each account must have a different email address associated with it so we can properly match the accounts.


Can I create a new account for myself and a different co-parent?

If you need to communicate with another parent, you can create an additional TalkingParents account to meet your needs.


However, you must use a different email address for each one. We can not match you with a new co-parent using an existing matched account.


The best way to manage multiple TalkingParents accounts:

Members often set up their second email address to forward messages from our system to their primary inbox, so they do not need to check multiple inboxes for new message notifications.


If possible, we recommend that you use a different internet browser when accessing multiple TalkingParents accounts. Using different browsers will help you keep the multiple accounts separated and also allows you to leave the accounts signed in so you’re not continually signing out of one and into the other.


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