I received a new invitation code from my co-parent, but we already have matched accounts. What does this mean?

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Invitation codes are only used for matching two new TalkingParents accounts together.


If you are already matched with a co-parent and you receive a new invitation code, it means that your co-parent has signed up again using a different email address.


We do not recommend creating a new TalkingParents account because we cannot merge a new account with one that is already matched and activated. Creating a new TalkingParents account will not give parents access to any messages or history from an existing account. 


The best course of action is for the other parent to regain access to their original account in order to continue communicating with you.


If the other parent cannot access their original account that is matched with you, they can do any of the following:


  1. Visit the Forgot Email or Password page and follow the steps to regain access there.
  2. If step one doesn't work, they should Contact Support by emailing support@talkingparents.com

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