Can I subpoena TalkingParents for IP address information?

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We collect limited IP address information which can be obtained pursuant to a subpoena. We have found that more often than not, that information is inconclusive. IP addresses can and do change randomly based on the member’s internet service provider and often don’t seem to have any correlation to the member’s actual geographic location, especially when they’re using a mobile device or public wi-fi connection. We have also seen many situations where the parties at issue sometimes share an internet connection, or even a device, which of course can render IP address information nearly useless. The IP address information we collect could be part of the puzzle, but often you will need additional records directly from the member’s ISP and/or the device itself.

If you think the IP address information we have in this case may be useful, then please complete our Subpoena Submission Form. Please be as specific as possible regarding the date and time of the messages at issue so we can limit the scope of our data compilation accordingly.

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