What is the Info Library and how should I use it?

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We understand that co-parenting requires a lot of shared coordination and communication. To minimize important details getting lost in messages or forgotten after a call, we created the Info Library. This is a collection of cards and sticky notes that you can keep private or share with your co-parent about the things that matter.

While only Standard and Premium Plan users can create Info Library cards, Free Plan users can still view shared cards.

Follow the steps below to create a card within your Info Library:

1) Select the plus icon on the top right


2) Enter a title and information


3) Optional: Add additional contact fields


4) Choose whether you would like to Share Card or Keep Private





Create Tabs within your Info Library to organize your cards. You can also use the search and filter options to easily locate cards within your Info Library.

Info Library card ideas:

  • Medical information, such as the child's pediatrician
  • Childcare information, like the daycare contact number
  • List a child's food allergies or dietary requirements
  • Detail clothing and shoe sizes


A Standard or Premium Plan is required to create cards in the Info Library (see full pricing details here). Free members can see any cards that are created and shared with them.

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