Can we discuss other things than just our kids on this service?

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There is no right or wrong way to use TalkingParents. We encourage parents, lawyers, and courts to be creative and use TalkingParents however they like to fit the circumstances of each case or relationship best. If members are not court-ordered or have another agreement, they can discuss anything they want through our service.


Receiving unwanted messages?

Unfortunately, we can not provide legal advice to our members. However, we can recommend that you address this matter with your co-parent through our service to document your position on the issue. A solution may be to ask your co-parent to limit communications through our service to child-related or scheduling matters only. If you can’t come to an agreement, and you would like to seek a court order limiting or defining what topics may be discussed through our service, we recommend you consult with an attorney or the court itself.

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