How do I create or edit an event on the Calendar?

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Please ensure you are signed into your TalkingParents account. Then, navigate to your Shared Calendar and follow the steps below to create a new event:

1) Select the plus icon


2) Enter the Event name and details


3) Select a color category (your co-parent will not see what color you choose for the event)


4) Enter the dates and times for the event

5) Optional: Toggle on if it is a repeat event and follow the steps below*

6) Select Create Even


*If the event is repeating, select the "repeat" toggle after entering the event details. Then follow steps 1 through 3.

  1. Select how often the event occurs (either Daily, Weekly, or Monthly)
  2. Choose when it repeats
  3. Choose when it stops repeating (either Never or enter a specific date)



To edit an event, tap the event and select Edit Event. If the event is part of a repeating event, you can select whether to edit one event or the series. Enter the modified details in the edit screen.


Please note that you can only edit events you have created. 

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