(New Look!) How can I tell if my co-parent is receiving my messages?

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Once a message is successfully posted, both parents have equal and immediate access to it. Messages are not really “sent” to your co-parent in the same way they are with email. You can think of TalkingParents as a shared whiteboard that each parent can write on. TalkingParents maintains the whiteboard, so both parents have equal access to the exact same record at all times.

We do send an email notification when a parent has a new message to view, but that reminder does not contain any part of the message itself.

How will you know if your co-parent has viewed your messages? 

You will know when your co-parent first views your messages because that view information will be logged within your conversation even if they do not post a reply.

You can review old messages quickly by their topic to see if your co-parent has viewed them. All time and date-stamped view information is logged on your Messaging Record.

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