(New Look!) How can I block my co-parent from calling me?

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Your privacy is important to us; Accountable Calling is not automatically enabled on your account. In order to receive calls from your co-parent, you must have Recorded Calling turned on, a verified phone number saved to your account, and agree to the Calling Consent. You can update your calling preferences, at any time, from your Account Settings.

  1. Sign in using TalkingParents.com
  2. Select the menu icon in the top-left of the screen
  3. Choose Account Settings from the menu
  4. Navigate to Calling
  5. Ensure the toggle is switched off for Recorded Calling.


You can enable and disable the ability to receive Phone Calls by toggling Recorded Calling on or off.


TalkingParents Mobile App:

*Tap the toggle to enable/disable this feature. Green means Accountable Calling is enabled. Gray means Accountable Calling is disabled.



TalkingParents website:


Please note: if you have a phone number blocked through your Mobile Service Provider, that does not prevent the phone call from being completed through Accountable Calling. 

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